Three Therapy Nanoplasty 1 Liter + Teia Caviar 500g (Straightening Without Formaldehyde + Capillary Reconstruction)

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Progressive without formaldehyde Nanoplasty 1 liter + Caviar Web Kit 500g (Deep nutrition)

Progressive without formaldehyde Nanoplasty

Nanoplasty was developed by Three Therapy for people looking for smoothing or volume reduction and healthy strands, without the use of harmful products such as formaldehyde. In other words, Pantovin Nanoplastia is a formaldehyde-free progressive and has glyoxylic acid as a smoothing base. In addition, it maintains the nutrition and perfect hydration of the hair. That's why it's the best chemical-free progressive!

Benefits of chemical-free progressive Nanoplasty: promotes restructuring, volume reduction, cortex realignment and cuticular uniformity.

Main Assets:

Shea Butter – Provides shine, flexibility and softness. Antioxidant (UVA and UVB), removes dead cells, aids in moisture absorption and retention, softens the scalp, healing and healing power.

Polyquaternium 39 – Strengthening film-forming effect, improves the structural integrity of the hair, softening the cuticle and increasing gliding. Likewise, it facilitates dry or wet styling.

Hyaluronic Acid – The main “superpower” of hyaluronic acid is its high water retention capacity which is up to a thousand times its weight! And for that reason, the asset is so important in hydrating and maintaining hair health.


Caviar Web Kit

Benefits of the Web Caviar Kit: Highly efficient lipid reconstruction, capable of rebuilding the surface of the threads. Therefore, it is used as a nourishing moisturizer, capable of repairing damage in just 60 seconds for a quick and effective treatment.

Main Assets:

Coconut oil – Rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, it is a powerful moisturizer that acts on the inner portion of the thread, rebuilding it and strengthening it with shine and softness. In addition, it is completely absorbed by the hair or skin.

Murumuru –  The main differential is its high power of nutrition and discipline of the wires, it has an emollient and moisturizing effect. It is a powerful nourishing and anti frizz.

Gardênia Tahitinensis Flower – Rich in fatty acids, it repairs and restores dry hair, anti-aging effect (enriching hair).

Indication: people looking for a quick and effective treatment with a high repairing power, for that hectic day.

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