Professional Organic Progressive Kit Premium Line - Amazon Therapy Supreme Organic Compaction

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Professional Organic Progressive Premium Line - Amazon Therapy Supreme Organic Compaction

ORGANIC PROGRESSIVE AMAZON THERAPY SUPREME Premium organic straightening line developed to serve professional hairdressers!

Definitive solution for highly efficient straightening, 100% Organic, long-lasting straightening and lots of shine, full compatibility with any product or chemical your client has already used, no smell, no smoke, no burning in the eyes. The perfect Progressive Brush exists!


We know how challenging it can be to find a formaldehyde-free Organic Progressive that provides surprising perfect straight and natural results without compromising the health of your hair. With AMAZON THERAPY SUPREME , you will have the confidence to offer your clients a revolutionary organic progressive, which guarantees incredibly straight, healthy and shiny hair even in challenging conditions.

Progressive Organic Compaction Amazon Therapy Supreme has an exclusive formula that  combines natural and organic ingredients, such as Tucumã Butter, Ojon Oil and Panthenol, Vitamin Blends and Red Fruits, to promote deep and lasting reconstruction.

With Progressive Organic Amazon Therapy, you can straighten your clients' hair, while providing intense treatment from the inside out. 

When purchasing Amazon Therapy Supreme Organic Compaction , you will be investing in a high quality and technological product, which has fast and safe delivery offered by Progressiva Orgânica Cosméticos, a national reference in organic straightening. We have a specialized support team ready to assist you at every stage of the process.

Transform your beauty salon into a reference place, offering your clients the best in organic hair straightening with the PROFESSIONAL ORGANIC PROGRESSIVE BRUSH .

Purchase the Amazon Therapy Supreme Premium Line now and offer straight, radiant and healthy hair to your clients. Your clients will love the results and you will stand out as an excellent professional in organic straightening in your region.


  • Keratin
  • Panthenol
  • Ojon Oil

 Benefits of Amazon Therapy Supreme Compression:

  • Does not contain formaldehyde or derivatives
  • Is Compatible with Chemicals and Colorants
  • 100% vegan and organic
  • Does not cause burning eyes
  • Does not have a strong smell 
  • Completely safe product

 Active principles:

  • 100% organic Citric Acid Blends 
  • Amino Acid Blends


As a great advantage, Amazon Therapy Supreme Organic Compaction is compatible with all chemicals and colorings.

 Product care:

  • Perform a strand test to check the resistance of the hair;
  • In case of contact with eyes, wash under running water;
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Store in a cool, ventilated place.


  • Semi-definitive, does not come off the thread.
  • Remember: Follow maintenance recommendations, and touch up root growth every 3 months. 


1 Step1 Preparation Deep Cleansing Shampoo 500ml

1 Step2 Organic Progressive Amazon Therapy Supreme Organic Compaction 1 liter

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