Principia VC-10 Serum Vitamin C Perfect Skin In One Bottle 30ml/1.01fl.oz.
Principia VC-10 Serum Vitamin C Perfect Skin In One Bottle 30ml/1.01fl.oz.
Principia VC-10 Serum Vitamin C Perfect Skin In One Bottle 30ml/1.01fl.oz.

Principia VC-10 Serum Vitamin C Perfect Skin In One Bottle 30ml/1.01fl.oz.


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Serum with 10% Vitamin C and 0.5% Ferulic Acid highly effective against fine lines, dark circles and hyperpigmentation.



 Reduce and even out pigmentation
 Lighten dark spots
 Smooth wrinkles and fine lines
 Reduce dark circles and bags
 Provide softness


 Reduce pore size
 Improve the service

Skin types


Perceived Effectiveness Study : participants who, after 60 days of use, noticed an improvement in 
» softness › 100%
» service › 93% 
» fine lines › 90% 
» tone › 90%
» pore size › 90% 
» melasma  › 83% 
» dark spots  › 83% 
» dark circles  › 80% 
» bags  › 80% 

Comedogenicity and Acnegenicity Study : in 60 days of use 
a) participants who showed a decrease in
» papules › 100%
» pustules › 80%
b) reduction in the average quantity per participant of
» papules › 90%
» pustules › 74%

Assessment of Primary , Accumulated Irritability and Skin Sensitization : did not cause irritation in any of the participants, being considered safe for topical use, thus supporting the term "dermatologically tested".

Dermatological Assessment of Photoirritant and Photosensitizing Potential : the product did not induce a photosensitizing or photoirritating process in any of the participants, being safe for topical use and considered hypoallergenic.

Dermal Acceptability Study under Conditions of Use : the product was considered safe for use in humans, dermatologically and clinically tested.


Present in seeds, leaves and bark of plants, as a free acid or in ester form. Due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it plays a protective role in components of the skin structure such as keratinocytes, fibroblasts, collagen and elastin.


A fundamental nutrient for several vital functions, it has powerful antioxidant action that helps protect skin cells against the effects of free radicals, such as those caused by exposure to solar radiation.

As the human body cannot synthesize it, it depends on obtaining vitamin C from external sources, including through topical application, as even high doses of oral supplementation cannot provide an adequate amount of vitamin C to the skin.

There are different forms of vitamin C, the only biologically active one being ascorbic acid, a molecule that is unstable at neutral pH and has a high tendency to oxidize. Other forms, known as derivatives, have greater stability and less propensity to oxidation, and can be converted into ascorbic acid when in contact with the skin. 

There are several scientifically proven benefits of vitamin C, such as stimulating the production of collagen and fibroblasts, helping to form a skin barrier and reducing skin hyperpigmentation.


» Use daily morning   and night Apply at night
» Apply before creams, sunscreen and makeup
» Leave your face clean and dry
» Without touching the cannula to the skin, dispense a few drops onto your fingers  or directly onto your face
» Gently spread over the face, including the eye area 

» Avoid eye contact and unprotected sun exposure
» Do not use on children
» Store in a cool, dry place

Does it contain parabens, petrolatum and sulfates?
No. Its composition also does not include silicones, fragrance or gluten.
Is it regularized with Anvisa?
Yes according to process number 25351.663593-2021-01 .
Does it cause skin peeling?
In general, it does not cause visible peeling of the skin .
Was it tested on animals?
No. PRINCIPIA does not test on animals.
What is the expiration date?
Two years from the date of manufacture.
Can it be used together with other formulas?
Yes, there are practically no restrictions for use with other assets.
Can it be applied to the eye area?
Yes. Its safety and effectiveness have been proven, especially in the eye area.
Does it cause acne or blackheads?
No. On the contrary, it tends to have a beneficial effect and is recommended for acne-prone skin.
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