Mutari - Home Care Kit Complete Mutari Coconut Shampoo Mask And Oil

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Kit that promotes nutrition, repair and intensive shine to the threads, offering the action to erase damage. Nourished strands with high shine and an ultra silky touch.

First line of Gourmand cosmetics 100% inspired by organic coconut oil. It brings the Hair & Body concept, that is, Coconut Oil can be used on the hair and skin. Intensive nutrition with sustainability. Makes you want to use and eat!

Kit Comprising:
Mutari Coconut Foam; Mutari Coconut Coconut Pulp; Mutari Coconut Coconut Oil
Main Assets: Coconut Oil, Cotton Oil, Sodium PCA, Keratin + Chitosan, Thermoprotective Silicone, 100% Organic Coconut Oil, Natural Coconut Water and Colloidal Silver.

How to use: Apply the Coconut Foam on wet hair, massaging the scalp. Rinse off. Repeat the procedure as needed. Then use the Coconut Pulp. Apply the pulp to clean, damp hair lock by lock. Gently massage. Leave to act for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse well. 
Function: Clean and hydrate the strands without harming the scalp, repair dryness and porosity damage, form a flexible protective film, replenish essential lipids to the hair and skin, rehydrate the hair, body and face, promote a feeling of refreshment and well-being, balance the level of hydration without leaving a greasy appearance. Prevent premature aging. 
Effect:  Clean, hydrated, nourished, shiny, flexible, ultra-silky hair, frizz-free hair, hydrated ends, feeling of well-being, soft and hydrated skin texture, visibly shiny and silky hair. 
 Mutari Coconut Coconut Foam:Promotes daily and gentle hygiene of the wires, while gently hydrating. Foam with a smooth consistency and a silky touch that provides high shine and detangling while cleaning.

Mutari Coconut Coconut Pulp: Promotes nutrition, repair and intensive shine to the threads, offering the action to erase damage. Gives flexibility and silkiness to very dry and lifeless hair.  

Mutari Coconut Oil:100% pure product, it penetrates deep into the hair shaft and not just superficially. It has high and rapid absorption into the skin and hair. It can be added to any mask to enhance the treatment of extremely dry, dry and broken hair due to chemical processes. Rebuilds and strengthens the wires. Provides hydration, shine, softness, antiaging and antioxidant action. Can be used with or without a heat source. It will also leave your skin hydrated, soft and fragrant. In addition, it has several other possibilities such as: make-up remover, for massage, pre-depilation, night treatment, facial moisturizer, among other functions.
 Currently, one of those types of hair products that are most in demand are the organic ones. Nutritional treatments are widely used and desired. Of all the daily hair care products on the market, the ones with the most benefits are the  Mutari Coconut Kit , which contains organic coconut oil. 

Expected results 

The  Mutari Coconut Kit  has products that help in the recovery of damaged hair. With the power of coconut, they leave  hair nourished with high shine and an ultra silky touch .  Coconut has great compatibility with hair proteins, managing to penetrate deeper into the hair fiber. Thus, it  promotes nutrition, repair and intensive shine to the threads, offering the action to erase damage . This daily kit provides more shine and helps to improve the flexibility of the hair fiber, reducing porosity, hair dryness and controlling frizz.. It leaves hair clean, super silky and brighter. Nutrition  is  done   through  daily maintenance with100% organic coconut oil , which repairs dehydrated fiber and allows for greater water retention in the hair. In addition, the wires gain a protective film against possible external aggressions, avoiding split ends. The kit is composed of Coconut Coconut Foam, Coconut Coconut Pulp, and Coconut Coconut Oil. With all these products, it is possible to keep hair nourished. With the market differential, coconut oil is hair and body, thats right, they can be used on more hydrated hair and skin. 

Who is it for 

This 100% organic coconut oil product kit   is suitable for people with any hair type who want to have more nourished and healthier hair .

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