K1 Cosmetics Shading Reducing Mask Blonde or Bleached Hair 2X1000ml/ 33.8 fl.oz


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Shading Reducing Mask for Blonde and Bleached Hair - Nutrition, Smoothing and Shine

Description: K1 Cosméticos's Matizadora Reducing Mask is your perfect ally for blonde and bleached hair. This unique mask combines the nourishing power of coconut oil with chamomile extract, providing a treatment that smoothes, nourishes and deeply hydrates, resulting in incredibly smooth and shiny hair.


  • Deep Nourishment: The mask's rich formula offers intense nourishment, repairing damaged strands and restoring hair's vitality.

  • Effective Tinting: In addition to smoothing, the mask tints the strands, eliminating oxidized and yellowish tones, revealing a stunning blonde.

  • Versatile Use Mode: The mask offers a flexible use mode, allowing you to customize the action time according to your hair's needs.

Mode of Use:

  1. Wash your hair with anti-residue shampoo two or three times, with intervals of 10 to 15 minutes.

  2. After washing, apply the reducing mask over the entire length of the hair, starting 1 cm from the roots.

  3. Let the mask act for 15 minutes. However, if your hair is oxidized or yellowed, increase the action time to 30 minutes for more effective tinting.

  4. Dry and brush the hair thoroughly.

  5. To finish, flat iron the hair in thin strands 10 to 12 times. If the hair has bleached highlights or highlights, adjust the temperature of the flat iron between 250°C and 350°C to preserve the toning effect.

Pack Content: 1 liter

Transform your blonde or bleached hair with K1 Cosméticos's Tinting Reducing Mask, providing nutrition, smoothing and a stunning blonde in a single product. Experience the difference today!

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