Granado Perfumery - Eua De Toilette Granado Couro 100 Ml / 3,38 Fl Oz

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As a rescue of Perfumaria Hélios, Granado's former luxury line in the beginning of the 20th century, the Vintage line presents the perfumery classics represented by versatile and timeless fragrances.

The eaux de toilette collection highlights traditional perfumery ingredients in contemporary creations, exploring the best facets of these elements to be used alone or combined with other fragrances.

One of the oldest perfumery ingredients, leather began to be used in perfumes in the 16th century for its sweet and sensual personality. In the eau de toilette, it receives a modern, comfortable and sophisticated reinterpretation.

Balanced with floral and woody notes, which bring lightness and comfort, the leather envelops, embraces and highlights the natural sensuality of the skin.

With 89% ingredients of natural origin, EDT is produced with a more neutral alcohol, which does not interfere with the olfactory notes and does not change the result of the fragrance. Furthermore, all of Granado's perfumes go through the perfume maceration process, a practice carried out by a select group of perfumeries in the world, which guarantees greater harmonization and maturation of the fragrance's olfactory notes.

In the packaging, the box that accompanies the EDT follows the visual identity of the Layering collection, signed by the illustrator Gabriel Azevedo, and is a great idea for a creative, sophisticated and fragrant gift.


Family and Olfactory Pyramid
Oriental Woody
Top notes: Leather, Benzoin and Saffron
Middle Notes: Peony, Violet and Raspberry
Base Notes: Patchouli*, Amber Wood and Cocoa
* natural oil


Vegan product.

Content: 100ml.


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