ROTNER 6×6-Way Distributor for High Performance Automotive Sound Amplifier

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The ROTNER 6×6-Way Distributor Block was developed to meet all high-power and high-performance automotive sound projects, making it possible to connect all equipment that supplies and consumes energy in the system at a single point, preventing the system’s batteries from suffering with different charging and discharging cycles, leaving all stabilized with the same voltage and current, always seeking to obtain a superior performance.

Technical Characteristics:
Made of Aluminum (Pure aluminum has an electrical conductivity of 62% of the IACS (International Annealed Copper Standard), which associated with its low density means that an aluminum conductor can conduct as much current as a copper conductor, which is two times heavier and proportionately more expensive.)

Electrostatic painting that, in addition to helping to easily identify the polarity (red-positive and black-negative), also prevents the creation of an aluminum oxide layer that forms on the surface of the material.

Technical Specifications:
Material measuring 51x19mm thick and 127mm in total length
With 12 ways to fix cables from 16 to 70mm²
Supports up to 5000ah
Weight 570g.
Included Items:
01 Pair of Distributor Block 6×6 Ways

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