Robson Peluquero - Blue Toner Tinting Mask Restore Extreme Luminous 1000ml/33.8 Fl.Oz

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The term tint comes from the word “kill” or “muffle”, or it can even be called tint. The pigments used for this purpose are called and known as already revealed pigments, they are called

“revealed” because they do not need the oxidative process to reveal themselves against melanin. Since the subject is toning, let's talk a little about the Robson Peluquero brand's toning line.

Robson Peluquero hair masks were developed in order to provide hairdressing professionals with the best possible results, quickly and effectively. With them we can neutralize, tone and create reflections. Its formulation has neutralizing, accentuating and tone-creating pigments, as well as noble active ingredients that provide deep treatment to the hair without drying it out. According to the rule of colorimetry, when we aim to neutralize unwanted tones, it is always correct to use a color that opposes the color in the hair.

In the Robson Peluquero tinting masks we will find the color families most used in colorimetry, which are colors: primary, secondary, tertiary and alternative secondary, the GREEN mask for example, is made up of red, blue and yellow pigments. We find the same pigments in the BLUE mask, but in different percentages. In the BLACK mask we find the same pigments, with an addition of BLACK (fantasy color), in the PINK mask we find red and blue, in different proportions. In THE FOUR FORCES TONER mask we find the combination of four pigments, PINK, GREEN, BLUE and BLACK. The perfect formula for those looking to neutralize the lightening background, revealing a cold and luminous tone. Remembering that the tinting mask must be chosen according to the final tone we want to obtain.


 Ingredients that make up this product

It has Moroccan argan oil and a rich combination of amino acids. Its formula contains already revealed pigments that neutralize the unwanted tones of bleached and blonde hair.



After your hair is clean and free of any residue, apply the Robson Peluquero toning mask all over your hair, strand by strand, massaging until you obtain the desired result. Pause for 5 to 45 minutes and rinse with water only. Finish as you wish.


The company Robson Peluquero was created in July 2016 by professional Robson Peluquero. The objective was to bring technologies to the beauty area with high-quality products that could make the day-to-day life of the hairdressing professional easier. Mission is to introduce a new concept in hair treatment and transformation into the global beauty market, providing investors with quick, safe and effective ways to achieve development goals in sustainable distribution work in their region, thus leveraging their revenue month by month.

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