K1 Cosmetics Vegalise Treatment Mask 1Kg/35.27oz.

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The Vegalise Mask is suitable for all hair types, limits the loss of internal water in the strands, recovers, regenerates, and protects from chemical, physical and mechanical aggressions, promotes strengthening action, leaves the hair with a treated cuticle, flexible It's brilliant. OLIVE BUTTER: Great product with antioxidant properties, which makes it a natural moisturizer and an essential ingredient for total moisture in the hair fiber. It is an excellent emollient with antioxidant properties, it has the function of strengthening the hair, providing shine, flexibility, nutrition and cell renewal. In its composition we have active ingredients that increase the diameter of the hair and positively help with hair health. Leaving hair defined, shiny and with controlled volume. CASTOR OIL: This product has properties for both hydrating hair strands and cleaning the scalp, restoring and growing stronger hair, hydrating strands, combating dandruff. HOW TO USE: After washing your hair with shampoo while your hair is still wet, divide it and apply the Mask section by section, gently massaging the hair strands, after all the hair is coated with the product, leave it to act for between 5 and 10 minutes, rinse, and if desired, apply conditioner for an even better result. Package Contents 1kg/35.27oz.


Vegalise Mask: Your Hair's Ultimate Defense & Regeneration

Highlighting Key Features:

  • Universal Hair Hero: Works wonders on all hair types, from fine to thick and everything in between.
  • Moisture Lock: Say goodbye to dryness! Limits internal water loss in strands, keeping them hydrated and healthy.
  • Damage Repair & Protection: Combats chemical, physical, and mechanical damage, preventing future breakage and split ends.
  • Strength & Shine: Deeply nourishes and strengthens hair, leaving it with a radiant shine and a beautifully treated cuticle.
  • Olive Butter Power: Antioxidant-rich olive butter infuses your hair with intense moisture, flexibility, and cell renewal, promoting thicker, healthier strands.
  • Castor Oil Boost: This potent oil nourishes and cleanses, promoting hair growth, strength, and hydration while fighting dandruff.
  • Fast & Easy Use: Applies in just 5-10 minutes on wet hair, leaving it defined, shiny, and with controlled volume.
  • Long-lasting Value: Generous 1kg/35.27oz size ensures you can enjoy the magic of Vegalise for weeks on end.

Vegalise Mask is your gateway to healthy, resilient, and irresistibly shiny hair. Give it a try and experience the transformation!

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