Inblue Professional - Hydra Plastia Inblue Organic Semi-Definitive Brush 1 L / 33.8 FL.OZ
Inblue Professional - Hydra Plastia Inblue Organic Semi-Definitive Brush 1 L / 33.8 FL.OZ

Inblue Professional - Hydra Plastia Inblue Organic Semi-Definitive Brush 1 L / 33.8 FL.OZ


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Inblue Professional - Hydra Plastia Inblue Organic Semi-Definitive Brush 1 L / 33.8 FL.OZ

- What is it for?
To smooth unruly hair with frizz and a lot of volume. 

- How to use?
Place the product in a non-metallic bowl.
Hair needs to be washed if the strands are 2 days dirty. (2 days without washing and very dirty) if washed dry 70% with the dryer.
With slightly damp hair, apply the product using a brush, gloves and a fine-toothed comb, separating the locks to distribute evenly from root to tip, always avoiding the scalp. Let it act for 40 minutes. 
After the break, rinse the product 100% with water only, dry the hair completely with the aid of the dryer, performing a quick brushing to align the strands.
Pass the board (flat iron or flat iron) at a temperature of 200 to 200° in thin strands 8 to 10 times in each strand.
After flat ironing and cold hair, wash again with shampoo and mask, finish as usual with the help of a dryer. 

- Result:
Loose, shiny and straight hair. 

- Benefits:
- Straight hair
- Protected hair
- Shiny hair


- Composition:
Hydra Repair – D-panthenol: Compound of Amino Acids helps to gain and retain lost moisture, returning water to the strands and providing super-hydration resulting in hydrated hair, with balance, softness and extraordinary shine.

Liss Repair: is a special thermo-active silicone with a conditioning action capable of protecting the hair and restoring its damaged structure. This silicone forms a durable cross-linked film on the hair improving its holdability associated with a soft, radiant appearance without weighing it down or leaving residue. In addition, activation in the presence of heat (dryer or flat iron) maintains a long-lasting smooth effect on the hair and significantly reduces frizz.

Hyaluronic Acid: is a compound that is naturally present within the human body, being found in high concentrations in fluids present in the eyes and joints. He is a molecule that is also present in the skin and connective tissue of our body. The substance acts as a shock absorber and lubricant for joints, eyes, nerves, hair and skin. It is used in the cosmetics industry thanks to its ability to retain moisture, since the lack of moisture causes structural damage to the yarn. The liposomal hyaluronic acid present in the product acts by attracting water to the hair fiber, ensuring that the strands are hydrated and prepared to resist future aggressions.

Glyoxyloyl: It is a biopolymer formed by glucuronic acid and Nacetylglucosamine. This molecule is the only one that has the ability to associate with proteins to form molecular aggregates. Glyoxylic acid derivative with low glyoxal content. Alignment, durability, efficiency, alignment of most types of wires.

Keratin Amino Acids: Keratin is a structural protein because its three-dimensional structure gives it special characteristics: microfilaments with resistance, elasticity and impermeability to water. Even dead, the layers of keratinized cells stop microbes and prevent the cells below from dehydrating.
This is because keratin is impermeable to water. In addition, these dead cells prevent friction from harming living cells by serving as a barrier.

The application of the Progressive Brush must be carried out by a professional hairdresser who already knows and works with the products.
The product should not be used if the client has a sensitive, irritated or injured scalp.
It is not recommended for use in pregnant women, nursing mothers and children.
The store is not responsible for the misuse or misuse of the products. Read the instructions carefully before use.
The average amount of product to be applied is 50 ml on medium-sized hair.

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