Granado Perfumery - Perfume Granado Expedition 75ml / 2,54 Fl Oz

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The Vintage perfume collection features sophisticated and timeless fragrances that carry Granado's DNA. Each fragrance awakens memories and takes us on a journey through the brand's centenary history through perfumery, discovering a new chapter with each olfactory note. 
Expedition is an invitation to an adventure through the Atlantic Forest. In a creation full of contrasts, you are transported to a trail of dense foliage, wood warmed by the tropical sun and the unique energy of an exuberant flora. The woody notes of the fragrance are balanced with the creaminess of the amber in a minimalist and comfortable construction. The citrus notes of lemon and bergamot harmonize with the irreverence of black pepper and provide the necessary freshness for this fragrance full of personality. 

The packaging art brings perfumery ingredients in a luxurious art nouveau style weave applied in golden hot stamping, which illuminates the illustration and makes it stand out from all the other products in the Vintage line. Inside the box, a conceptual text tells the story and inspiration of the perfume.
Produced with an extra neutral alcohol, which is purer and does not interfere with the fragrance, the eau de parfum also undergoes the perfume maceration process, a practice carried out by a select group of perfumeries in the world, which guarantees greater harmonization and maturation of the olfactory notes. of the fragrance.

Olfactory Family and Pyramid:
Spicy Woody Floral
Top notes: bergamot*, lemon* and black pepper*
Heart notes: iris*, frankincense* and pine*
Base notes: amber, cedar* and sandalwood
*natural ingredients 

About the Line : Vintage is one of the most important lines of the brand and represents the soul of Granado. Inspired by Perfumaria Hélios, an old luxury segment from the 20th century, the line exalts and values ​​the brand's history, rescuing classic references from the Granado Collection in collections of contemporary products, which carry the richness and DNA of more than 150 years of tradition .

Vegan product; not tested on animals.

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