Soundigital SD5000 EVO 5 Car Audio Amplifier 5000 Watts RMS

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The 5000.1 EVO 5 is a compact and modern amplifier that delivers 5000W RMS of power in 1 channel.

The amplifier features exclusive and patented technologies that make the sound experience cleaner and more faithful, in addition to ensuring better performance and efficiency for the most daring projects.

General Specifications

  • 5000.1 EVO 5 – 1 OHM

    Power @ 1Ω: 1 X 5000 WRMS
    Power @ 2Ω: 1 X 3300 WRMS
    Power @ 4Ω: 1 X 2178 WRMS

  • 5000.1 EVO 5 – 2 OHMS

    Power @ 1Ω: N/A
    Power @ 2Ω: 1 X 5000 WRMS
    Power @ 4Ω: 1 X 3300 WRMS

  • Response frequency (-3dB):

    5Hz ~ 6kHz

  • Low pass filter (12dB/octave):

    50Hz ~ 6kHz

  • Subsonic filter (12dB/octave)

    5Hz ~ 80Hz

  • Supply Voltage:


  • Signal-to-noise ratio:


  • Input sensitivity (RCA):


  • Input sensitivity (high input):

    1.5V ~ 15V

  • music consumption:


  • Maximum consumption:


  • Total efficiency:


  • Damping factor (@100Hz nominal impedance):


  • Power cable:

    50mm² (0 AWG)

  • Audio output cable:

    1Ω: 2 x 10mm² (7 AWG)
    2Ω: 2 x 6mm² (9 AWG)

  • Recommended fuse (musical):


  • Recommended battery (minimum for music use):

    250 Ah

  • Width:

    18 cm

  • Length:

    25 cm

  • Height:

    6,32 cm

  • Weight:

    2,75 kg

Differentials of the EVO 5 Line


  • Technologies:

    Line 5 products have the most modern audio solutions from SounDigital. Modern components, with high performance distributed in intelligent projects guarantee better performance, temperature management and a lot of quality and power.

  • Performance:

    Flatter and more extensive frequency responses, refined timbre, more accurate bass and treble are the best definition of the performance of SounDigital products. The performance of the products has been substantially improved due to new concepts of sources, output filters and audio processing circuits.

  • Reliability:

    SounDigital products are increasingly robust and reliable. State-of-the-art solutions make the temperature control and vibration resistance of the EVO5 line the best on the market.


    SounDigital products are increasingly robust and reliable. State-of-the-art solutions make the temperature control and vibration resistance of the EVO5 range the best on the market.
    The protections were modernized, and are now more reliable and faster, that is, any fault in the power supply or in a speaker connected to the amplifier will not cause any problem to the EVO5 line amplifier, as the intelligent protection systems will protect it.

  • Installation solutions:

    The products of the EVO5 line are designed to facilitate installation, they use solid connectors, with ALLEN steel screws that guarantee the best fixation for the wires, the screws that fix the product to the installation point are protected by removable covers, which guarantee a cleaner and more refined installation.


    Some products in the line now have a high signal input with SSS, SounDigital Smart Start, a system that uses the conventional audio outputs of the vehicle's audio units and does not require the use of a remote trigger wire. These and other facilities help in a correct, neat and reliable installation of the product.


Package Contents:
• 01 Amplifier Module SD5000.1 EVO 5
• Manual and Warranty Certificate

• 1 Year Warranty.
• Unit Value.
• All of our products are new, original and follow the invoice.
• recommends that the installation be done by a specialized professional and is not responsible for the misuse of the product.

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