Cachaça Seleta Ouro 1000ml/33.8 fl.oz.

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Cachaça Seleta Ouro 1000ml/33.8 fl.oz.


The Cachaça

Cachaça Seleta Ouro 1000ml is made from rigorously selected sugar cane. Stored for two and a half years in amburana barrels, a plant known for its healing and digestive characteristics, it has an alcohol content of 42%. The drink has a slightly golden color, clear and bright. It has woody, fruity and sweet aromas. Its flavor is slightly sweet, with final notes of vanilla, almonds and cinnamon.


In addition to going down very well when enjoyed pure, it is often used in the preparation of caipirinhas and various other drinks, beats, mixtures and combinations. It also combines with various dishes and gastronomic options. What almost nobody knows is that it's not just with the traditional food from Minas Gerais that Seleta goes well. Try pairing it with fruit salads, ice cream, sweets and desserts and discover all its versatility.


History of the Alembic

Seleta, the largest producer of Artisanal Cachaça in the country, accompanies and actively participates in the growth and evolution of this market, after all, it has been producing labels of unique quality, flavor and inspiration for more than 40 years. In addition to the factory, the company has a cooperage, a bottling plant and its own sheds. The place chosen could not be better: Salinas, located in the hinterland of Minas Gerais, known as the World Capital of Cachaça and which received the Seal of Geographical Indication by the INPI in 2012.


The characteristics of the soil climate and geographic location favor the development of a variety of special wild yeasts, responsible for the quality and flavor of the drinks produced by Seleta. In each bottle there is a little piece of Brazil. It is, without a doubt, the most representative drink of the national soul.


Antônio Rodrigues, founder and president of Seleta, is a folk figure for many, but for others, he is an inspiration for intelligent entrepreneurship. The story of Toni Rodrigues and his passion for cachaça began more than 40 years ago. Through a lot of struggle and challenges, the visionary businessman changed the scenario of the then pinga, which dominated the market, to introduce the country to branded cachaças of unique quality.


For him, the secret of success consists of three words: knowledge, skill and attitude. With more than 120 employees, Rodrigues says that the employees are like a big family. “We have the same ideals, the same intentions and the same direction, so everyone is in tune”, he says.


These same collaborators, together with the thousands of fans and consumers of Seleta beverages all over the world, form a legion called seleteiros. They are people who consume and believe in the brand as something unique and very special. Toni, known as the King of Cachaça, has contributed in a unique way so that the drink, which was previously known only in bars, is increasingly consumed by the economic and cultural elite of Brazil.

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