Borabella Sealing 3D Gloss Semi Definitive Formaldehyde Free 1000ml/33.8 fl.oz.

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Borabella 3D Sealing Semi Definitive 1000ML/33.8 FL.OZ.

Borabella Selagem 3D Semi Definitive 1L provides sealed, disciplined, loose, light, soft hair with intense shine, controlled volume, completely free of frizz and unruly hair. Our formulation contains modern organic actives, and the exclusive Blend Bio Complex formed by the synergy of vegetable oils, proteins and amino acids that reorganize the structure of the cortex and the capillary cuticle, resulting in hair that is naturally loose, soft, behaved and shiny for a long time. period.

Its innovative formulation contains modern low molecular weight actives that act by restructuring the cortex and reorganizing the cuticles, in addition to completely treating the thread. All this thanks to the blend of exclusive actives called BioComplex formed byHyaluronic Acid + Glutamic Acid + Aspartic Acid + 19 amino acids + Keratin + Silk Protein + Macadamia Oil.

Does not cause burning , tears or discomfort during application.
- Really perfect and natural smooth.
- Free of retouching.
- Superior smoothing power even compared to sealing with formaldehyde
Protects color , reduces fading of dark tones, and reduces yellowing of blonde tones (hair with tone up to 8).
High durability of the natural smooth effect for up to 3 months.
Dual Color Pigment , which allows it to be used in all hair colors, including blondes and highlights (tone up to 8).
-Replenishes capillary mass and restores strength to the strands, thanks to the proteins and amino acids present in the formulation.
Hydration and Shine Intense salon gloss.
It does not dry out the ends or damage the wires, and still nourishes and repairs.
- Greater durability of the board.
Softer , looser, brighter hair with movement, balance and naturalness.
- Compatible with all other progressive brands on the market.

For all hair types and colors: rebellious, wavy, curly, colored, blonde, highlighted and streaked. Compatible with all previous chemicals (perform strand test).


How to apply

  1. Wash twice with shampoo for daily use or anti-residue, gently massaging without harming the hair. Then rinse, remove excess water with a towel without rubbing and dry 70% with a hairdryer;
  2. With slightly damp hair, apply the product using a brush, gloves and a fine-toothed comb to distribute evenly from root to tip, always avoiding the scalp;
  3. Let it act for 40 minutes for fine, easy, slightly wavy, streaked or bleached hair, 60 minutes for virgin, thick wavy or curly hair, 90 minutes for afros, thick and difficult hair. Blonde hair or with streaks of tones below 8 will be slightly bluish, but don't worry, when flat ironing the tone will change to tinted blonde.
  4. After the break, rinse the product 100% with water only, dry the hair completely with the aid of the dryer, performing a quick brushing to align the strands.
  5. Flat iron in thin strands with an original professional flat iron, with Inmetro seal, at the actual temperature of 230°C or 450°F 12 to 15 times for easy, fine, colored or bleached and blonde hair. 15 to 20 times for virgin, thick and curly hair. Hair with a lot of coloring: observe how many irons the fading will start and stop, adopting this amount to do all the hair.
  6. Once the flat ironing process is finished, the hair will be ready, sealed, soft and shiny. Finally, we suggest using one of our hair oils.

Important tips: we recommend applying Borabella NeutraQuimic at the end of the process. It will reconnect the thread's internal sulfur bridges that were lost by temperature, eliminate any smells, replace lipids and rebalance the pH.
Durability and maintenance: after bathing, always dry your hair with a hairdryer, aligning the strands with a brush or comb. Avoid pool and sea water. Apply CauterGloss every 20 days to revitalize the shine and initial softness and prolong the cuticular sealing effect for much longer.

Warnings! Do not use on hair with tones equal to or greater than 9, very light blonde or white. Perform the strand test mainly on weak, thin, discolored, dry and weakened hair by chemical processes in the past.
Before and after
- 0% formaldehyde, 100% smooth
- Does not fade
- No burning, no smell
- All hair types, even afros

Included Items

01 - Borabella Sealing 3D Gloss Semi Definitive Formaldehyde Free 1Liter



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