Borabella Perfecta Biodefinitive System 1000ml/33.8 fl.oz.

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Borabella Perfecta Biodefinitive System 1000ml/33.8 fl.oz.

Progressive Bio Definitive 12 Oils 19 amino acids

The evolution of Borabella's exclusive formula brought a professional anti-frizz treatment that guarantees nourished, hydrated, disciplined hair with a long-lasting glossy shine.

  • Organic, free of formaldehyde and 0% preservatives donors or derivatives
  • Without tinting pigment (white cream)
  • Single step: practicality and agility in the salon
  • Compatible with all similar chemicals from other brands
  • Blend of 12 light and noble oils
  • Hyaluronic + 19 amino acids

Perfecta Bio Definitive has a high moisturizing factor that provides totally disciplined, sealed, soft hair with natural balance and salon gloss shine.

– Totally free of formaldehyde or donor preservatives or derivatives.

– Maximum nutrition: blend of 12 light nourishing oils, which penetrate deep into the hair fiber, softening and nourishing without weighing it down.

– Deep hydration: the moisturizing actives were concentrated for a better treatment of dry, chemically treated threads and to offer better appearance to the tips.

– Single step to provide more practicality and agility in application and finishing.

Formula developed with raw material imported from Europe and North America, with noble emollient actives, proteins and an exclusive Blend formed by 19 amino acids + organic acids, such as: Lactic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Sericin, Keratin, Tamarind Extract and a Elixir of 12 light and noble oils.

Bio Elixir 12 Oils: extraordinary combination of light, precious and legendary oils obtained from nuts, seeds, herbs and fruits. This unique combination provides deep nourishment, restoration, vitality and mirror-like shine.

  1. Argan oil
  2. shea nut oil
  3. cotton seed oil
  4. Coconut oil
  5. macadamia oil
  6. green tea oil
  7. chamomile oil
  8. aloe oil
  9. calamus oil
  10. myrrh oil
  11. Olive oil
  12. cinnamon oil

19 AMINO ACIDS: responsible for the health, structure and shine of the threads. During chemical processes they are lost, but Perfecta replaces them to provide disciplined, frizz-free, hydrated, soft and shiny hair.

HYALURONIC ACID: acts by repairing and rebuilding the entire structure of the fiber, completely eliminating the dry and brittle appearance for hydrated, resistant and very shiny hair.

ASPARTIC ACID: it is an amino acid linked directly to the hair pigment, acting to protect the color, as well as promoting resistance to the strand when it undergoes an oxidative process.

SERICIN PROTEIN: provides cuticular sealing, conditioning, anti-frizz effect, alignment, volume reduction and repair of damaged hair.

GLUTMIC ACID: considered a neutralizing agent and pH controller, the compound acts on the internal chains of the thread, which are responsible for its shape, combined with hydration and softness.

D-PANTHENOL AND VITAMIN B5: protects internal hydration, preserves hydrogen bonds during the chemical process and makes hair more resistant, soft and without frizz or split ends.

HYDROLYZED KERATIN: acts on the preservation of nutrients located inside the strands, ideal for damaged and lifeless hair, as it replaces lost keratin and gives elasticity and resistance.

TAMARIND EXTRACT: this multifunctional compound is responsible for promoting lightness, softness, preserving the integrity of the thread, smoothing the hair fiber and taming unruly threads.

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