Powerus PW2500 1 ohm Amplifier Sound Car 2500 Watts RMS



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Powerus PW2500 BLACK.

POWERUS amplifiers bring the latest state of the art consumer technologies to the Brazilian market.

They offer great impedance options.

FULL POWER AT 0.5,1, 2 or 4 OHM. 

POWERUS amplifiers have an advanced protection circuit to help protect against installation errors.

It has a high build quality in its construction, with robust components, providing a greater declared power delivery with 0.1% THD with recorded RMS wattage tested at 40Hz,

POWERUS amplifiers also including exclusive functions such as LIMITER.

Technical Specifications:
Supply Voltage / Power Supply 7Vdc ~ 16V dc
Resting Consumption / Consumption at Rest 1.35A
Musical Consumption / Music Consumption 120A
Cons. Max. Sinusoidal Signal 40Hz / Max. Consump. in Sinusoidal Signal 40Hz 318A
Efficiency / Efficiency 75%
Input Impedance / Input Impedance 22K Ohms
Input Sensitivity / Input Sensitivity 0.25V ~ 6V
Total Harmonic Distortion / THD 0.1%
SNR> 90dB
Damping Factor / Damping Factor 40Hz (12.6V 2 Ω)> 1000
Frequency Response / Frequency Response 5Hz ~ 45KHz (- 3dB)
80Hz ~ 20KHz Low Pass Crossover
Crossover High Pass 5Hz ~ 200Hz
Boost Gain / Boost Gain 0dB ~ 18dB
Variable Boost Frequency / Frequency of Variable Reinforcement. 28Hz ~ 400Hz
Variable Threshold Limiter / Variable Threshold Limiter Exclusivvo
Dimensions / Dimensions (HxWxD) mm 70x280x260
Weight without Packaging / Weight if Packing 3.90Kg

Installation Guidelines:

To install the power supply, use cables with a 35mm2 gauge. OR BIGGER with reducers.

The positive cable must come directly from the battery, with a fuse or protective circuit breaker/fuse located 30 cm from the battery. The negative cable must have the same gauge as the positive cable and screwed into the vehicle's chassis, taking care to avoid paint and rust that may prevent the passage of electrical current, causing loss of power and noise in the sound.

this amplifier requires an upgraded power supply, extra battery/batteries and up-rated alternator (all vehicles requirements will vary)

Amplifier impedances   0.5Ω
Power / Power RMS @ 12.6 0.5Ω 3010W 2100W 1470W 1030W
Power / Power RMS @ 12.6 1Ω - 3010W 2100W 1470W
Power / Power RMS @ 12.6 2Ω    - - 3010W 2100W
Power / Power RMS @ 12.6 4Ω - - - 3010W
Power / Power RMS @ 14.4 0.5Ω 3930W 2750W 1920W 1430W
Power / Power RMS @ 14.4 1Ω - 3930W 2750W 1920W
Power / Power RMS @ 14.4 2Ω - - 3930W 2750W
Power / Power RMS @ 14.4 4Ω - - - 3930W

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