Ybera Fashion Gold - Progressive Brush Combo 500g 3 Steps
Ybera Fashion Gold - Progressive Brush Combo 500g 3 Steps
Ybera Fashion Gold - Progressive Brush Combo 500g 3 Steps

Ybera Fashion Gold - Progressive Brush Combo 500g 3 Steps


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Tired of the damage that common progressive brushes cause to your hair?

Don't worry, Fashion Gold laboratories have brought the definitive solution for perfect smoothness: the Enhancer Sealant!

Developed with the latest technology, the Enhancer Sealant provides smooth, healthy, resistant hair with an adequate pH, without the damage caused by common progressive brushes. With its exclusive formula, which features a blend of organic acids, the Enhancer Sealant straightens hair from the first application, guaranteeing a surprising result.

And best of all, the Enhancer Sealant is completely safe for your health, as it does not cause dryness, thinning or breakage of hair, skin irritation or intoxication. Furthermore, it is compatible with all chemicals on the market, allowing you to use the product without worries.

Don't waste any more time with progressive brushes that only cause damage to your hair.

Try the Enhancer Sealant now and enjoy a perfect, healthy smooth finish!



Obtained from the enzymatic hydrolysis of the protein present in Quinoa, it has smaller peptides that can penetrate the hair fiber and promote the formation of a protective film on the hair.



Extracted from the Sacha Inchi plant, a species native to the Amazon region of Peru, it is considered the richest essential oil in the world. This plant is known for being one of the main sources of omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9, in addition to having a high content of vitamin E and natural antioxidants.

It acts deeply on the hair fibers, intensively restoring the strands, reducing volume and frizz and leaving the hair healthier and shinier.



Coconut oil is a natural product and contains essential fatty acids and vitamins that help nourish the hair, strengthening it and preventing hair breakage. It can penetrate the hair structure, restoring natural moisture and leaving strands more hydrated and soft. Furthermore, coconut oil forms a protective layer around the hair, helping to prevent damage caused by external agents and reducing frizz.


Mechanism of action

The Enhancer Sealant is a product that acts on the cystine present in the hair structure, by altering the disulfide bonds. This treatment consists of a formulation that contains five organic acids, which promote hair alignment from the first application, without causing damage to the hair fiber.

The hair sealing process carried out by the Enhancer Sealant occurs through the interaction of organic acids, present in its formulation, with disulfide bonds, present in the hair's cystine structure. This process leads to the alignment of the strands, resulting in smoother hair with less frizz.

It is worth highlighting that the action of the Enhancer Sealant can promote satisfactory results without causing damage to the hair, as its formulation was developed to treat the strands without harming them.

Furthermore, the application of this product can be carried out safely from the first application, making the Enhancer Sealant an interesting option for those looking for an effective and safe hair treatment.


Fashion Gold Post Progressive Shampoo 500ml

Now it is possible to have straight, healthy hair for much longer!

FASHION GOLD POST PROGRESSIVE SHAMPOO prolongs the straightening effect and preserves the shine and natural hydration of the hair.

A conventional shampoo tends to remove the straightening effect up to 5x faster, in addition to leaving the hair dry and dull.

The FASHION GOLD SHAMPOO was created with the highest technology to keep the hair scales (hair cuticles) closed, preventing oxidation and loss of the active ingredients that keep the hair smooth and nourished. Its exclusive formulation cleans without damaging the hair, promoting deep hydration and intense treatment. Its concentrated formula provides greater performance, allowing for a much greater number of washes than other traditional shampoos.

Recommended for all hair types and compatible with all chemicals on the market. Does not change the color of the wires. Can be used daily.

Especially recommended for those who use the FASHION GOLD Progressive Brush.

This product does not straighten the hair, it only prolongs the effect obtained with the progressive brush.

PH: 7.0


Fashion Gold 2 in 1 Post Progressive Mask 500g

Make your dream of straight, highly hydrated hair come true, with intense shine and naturalness!

THE 2 IN 1 MASK is capable of conditioning and hydrating at the same time. Providing a unique effect, leaving your hair bouncy and natural.

Its exclusive technology prolongs the effect obtained by the progressive brush, leaving hair smooth for much longer.

It does not require the use of conditioner, as its balanced PH hydrates while keeping the hair cuticle closed, preserving straightening for much longer.

Can be used daily. It does not increase the natural oiliness of the hair and does not leave it looking heavy.

Promotes hair alignment and reduces frizz, making combing easier after washing.

Recommended for all hair types. It can also serve as a deep hydration mask, if used in conjunction with a thermal cap, leaving it to act for 10 to 25 minutes.

Especially recommended for those who use the FASHION GOLD Progressive Brush.

This product does not straighten the hair, it only prolongs the effect obtained with the progressive brush.

PH: 4.5


Mode of use.

Step 1
Wash your hair with a shampoo of your choice (we recommend Post-Progressive Shampoo from the Protect and Control line), massaging until an abundant foam is formed. Rinse and, if necessary, repeat the procedure

Step 2
Dry 80% of your hair with a towel or dryer.

Step 3
Apply the Enhancer Sealant strand by strand, using a brush, respecting a distance of 0.5 cm from the scalp.

Step 4
Leave it to act for 60 minutes with the help of a cap.

Step 5
Rinse the hair well, completely removing the product.

Step 6
Dry your hair well with the help of a hairdryer.

Step 7
Flat iron thin strands, 15 to 20 times, using a straightener between 180ºC and 200ºc.

Questions and answers.

01 - What is the objective of Fashion Gold?
A - Reduce volume and treat hair. Its cream texture has high viscosity, enabling greater emollience and liquid retention in the hair strand.

02 - Which active ingredients promote the treatment?
R - Inca Oil, quinoa protein and coconut oil.

03 - What is Fashion Gold’s income?
A - On medium hair, an average of 50g is used per application.

04 - Is Fashion Gold compatible with all chemicals?
A - Yes, 100% compatible.

05 - How long does the smooth effect last?
A - On average 60 to 90 days.

06 - When reapplying the product, do I need to apply it to the entire length of the hair?
A - If necessary, yes. Otherwise, just touch up the roots.

07 - Reduces the volume of even frizzy hair?
A - Yes, it reduces volume for all hair types. To do this, it is extremely important that the step-by-step procedure is carried out in accordance with the guidelines in this manual.

08 - Is it normal for hair to have a strong smell after applying the progressive?
A - Yes, this occurs because the heat from the straightener or dryer, during the process of applying the progressive, can intensify the sulfur smell in the hair.


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Included Items 01- Fashion Gold Enhancer Sealant 500g
01 - Fashion Gold Post Progressive Shampoo 500ml
01 - Fashion Gold Post Progressive 2 in 1 Mask 500g

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