Tyrrel Oxireduct Thermal Alignment Without Formaldehyde 1000ml/33.8 fl.oz

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Advanced high-impact cuticular restorer in just one step.
Developed with nanotechnology, it has a complex of active ingredients that interact with the hair structure, leaving the hair smooth and aligned according to its curvature. It replaces the lipid layer, without damaging the hair, as its formula is enriched with a Blend of amino acids bio-identical to the fiber and nano keratin, which under the action of the heat of the process carried out, provide an incredible thermal realignment, enhancing shine and shine. natural movement to the hair.

Full Description

Tyrrel Professional Oxi Reduct Progressive Brush Without Formaldehyde - 1L

Oxireduct is an organic treatment enriched with a complex of amino acids, vitamins, rice proteins and quaternary keratin, which acts on the hair fiber, softening them and thus facilitating the perfect alignment of the hair strands.

Technology present in the composition:
- Blend of amino acids;
- Nano Keratin;
- D-Panthenol;
- Rice Proteins.

How to apply

  1. Apply Oxireduct along the entire length of the hair, respecting 0.5cm from the root; Respect the break time;
  2. Rinse completely;
  3. Then brush and straighten in the following proportions:
  4. Blonde Hair: straighten 10 to 15 times at 180º;
  5. Normal Hair: straighten 15 to 20 times at 215º;
  6. Resistant Hair: (curly and virgin) straighten 20 to 25 times at 230º.

Pause time:
- Blonde Hair: Pause for 10 to 30 minutes;
- Normal and wavy hair: Pause for 40 to 60 minutes;
- Resistant hair (curly, virgin or afro): Pause for 60 to 90 minutes (cover the hair with a plastic cap to enhance the product's action, but only on resistant hair capable of undergoing the procedure).

Note:. Perform the strand test and touch test;

 Included Items

01 - Tyrrel Professional Oxi Reduct Progressive Brush Without Formaldehyde - 1L




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