Mutari - Mutari Blond Vegan Tinting Mask 1kg

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Developed with high-tech assets and effective toning pigments that neutralize unwanted reflections such as yellow/gold, orange/copper and other warm nuances. Gives a platinum nuance to ultra-light blonde hair. It has a repairing function during the break process and high penetration of assets that promote the treatment of the hair fiber after the bleaching and coloring processes. 


  • Has tinting action with technology and tinting pigments
  • Biotechnological active with high fiber restructuring impact
  • Tinting for unwanted orange/yellow, yellow/orange, and other warm nuances. 

Your hair is blonde and you don't know which products are best for you? There are a vast number of products dedicated to this type of hair. However, this does not mean that all are of good quality. 
As far as hair masks are concerned, they must be able to take care of reflections, with  easy application  and  immediate result . In addition, it is worth looking for vegan ones to also contribute to the environment.
Therefore, the best mask for blonde hair is the  Matizadora Mask - Blond Vegan - 1 Kg .

Expected results 

The  Matizadora Mask - Blond Vegan - 1KG. It tones  and  neutralizes  yellow and  orange reflections  in blond hair ,  by  nourishing and restructuring the strands . It provides an intensive Matizador Treatment . With it, the threads are softer and silkier, as if they had not undergone chemical changes. It  maintains the blonde hair tone for much longer  and  seals cuticles  at the beginning to generate a great moisturizing effect, with a layer of protection for perfect color without wearing out or drying out the blonde locks. The mask leaves   
 tinted hair with high power of shine, nutrition and silkiness . As it is used more and more, it increases its performance that  nourishes the strands  and  neutralizes unwanted tones while treating . Hair receives protection against color fading, and, in addition to the fact that it  neutralizes unwanted tones of blonde hair ,  its tone remains more vibrant for longer. With this mask, the healthy shine of the strands is maintained, ensuring that the tone you want is maintained for longer. 

Who is it for 

It is indicated for those who use blonde "dye" in their hair and want to maintain their ideal tone, preventing yellowing and stains on the hair strands.  

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