Mutari - Kit Hair Ampoule Mutari Therapy M. Pantenol 5 Diamond Complex 3x15ml

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Ampoule for damaged, fragile and dull hair. It has dexpanthenol (pro-vitamin B5) concentrated quaternized in its formulation that ensures a double layer of nutrition. Eliminates the formation of split ends, gives strength and reduces the porous appearance of very damaged hair.

It has dexpanthenol (pro-vitamin B5) concentrated in its formulation that, in conjunction with the Deep Nutrition Mask, guarantees a double layer of nutrition. Eliminates the formation of split ends, gives strength and reduces the porous appearance of very damaged hair.

  deeply nourish, replenish essential lipids. Effects:  shine, softness, emollience, combability and balance to the hair. Assets:  diamond extract, quaternized dexpanthenol, vegetable oil triglycerides. How to use:  aapply on the locks according to the chosen step by step. 

As everyone knows, hair is one of our main business cards and they always need to be well taken care of. It's not easy to find time to super nourish them at home or in the salon. But that's what the treatment ampoule is for. 

S ampoules are a very important element for hair care, as they offer concentrated and unique doses of substances that help nourish the strands . She can only penetrate and give more resistance to them.   

So, to have beautiful and healthy hair, you need to have a 15ML DIAMOND COMPLEX AMPOULE UNIT at hand  

Expected results 

The  15ML DIAMOND COMPLEX AMPOULE UNIT  is perfect for anyone looking for a product that makes all the difference when it comes to keeping their hair healthy. This is an  intensive treatment ampoule  that  nourishes deeply , replenishes essential lipids  and leaves hair with greater  shine and softness 

Its formula has  Assets: diamond extract, quaternized dexpanthenol, vegetable oil triglycerides . Together, they put into action an  intensive treatment  that restores beauty and vitality to the hair. 

With a high concentration of nutrients , it works together with the  conditioner  and  hair treatment mask to enhance the power of nutrition in the hair.  This is a  treatment ampoule for extremely damaged hair  that needs extra help to maintain its beauty and strength. 

When applied, its components  immediately penetrate the hair fiber, instantly rebuilding sensitized areas . It has the power to create a double layer of nutrition that  repairs from the inside, restoring nutrition, shine, softness and protection . In this way, it eliminates the formation of split ends and reduces porosity, providing  softness, combability and balance to the hair 

Who is it for 

This ampoule is indicated for anyone who has extremely damaged and brittle hair, and needs a product that provides deep nutrition and keeps the hair healthy.

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