Mutari - Complete Professional Kit Mutari 48h Brightness And Anti-Moisture Nutrition

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Specially developed to maintain thermal processes for 48 hours even in high humidity.
The 48h line was specially developed to provide high conditioning power and memory effect, maintaining thermal processes for 48 hours even in high humidity or until the next wash.

Kit Consists of:

48h shampoo; Mask 48h; Finishing Protector 48h

Main Assets: Hyaluronic Acid, Thermoprotective Polymer, Special Silicones, Cotton Oil, Thermoprotective Polymer. 

How to use:  Apply to wet hair and rub gently. Rinse and apply again. Rinse well. Apply the 48h Everyday Mask to damp hair and gently massage. Leave to act for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse well. Finish by applying 3 to 5ml of 48h Finishing Protector to the hair. Brush well. Plank 2 to 3 times each long strand. 

 Function:  Clean, restore, condition, protect from frizz and coat the hair with an anti-humidity protective film.

Effect:  Clean, restored, nourished, silky, disciplined hair , with detangling action and without frizz. 


Shampoo 48h Everyday : Formulated with actives that clean the threads leaving them untangled and extremely shiny.

48h Everyday Mask : It has a restorative formulation that treats, nourishes and protects the hair from daily aggressions. Promotes silkiness and controls frizz through anti-humidity action. 

48h Finishing Protector: It has a High Tech system that promotes 99% proven anti-humidity action. The Thermal Ultra Polymers assets provide high conditioning power and memory effect, maintaining thermal processes for 48 hours even in high humidity or until the next wash. Decreases drying time and has thermal and solar protection. The result is hydrated, ‑flexible, silky and frizz-free hair. 

Anyone who undergoes any type of chemical procedure knows that leaving hair beautiful and hydrated may not be so easy, because the products used can leave them very damaged. 

It's important to use good products that help with hydration and help protect wires from external aggression too. So, the ideal is to have a kit with a line that leaves hair looking like a salon and helps take care of your hair fiber. 

Therefore, it is necessary to have an effective product line at hand that maintains the effects of thermal or chemical transformation for a longer time. And, the best for that, is the  48h Kit 

Expected results 

The  48h Kit  is perfect for hair that undergoes a chemical process or even brushing and needs extra care to stay beautiful and healthy. He manages to leave the strands silky, hydrated and protected from any external aggression. The products that make up the kit are part of a  maintenance line for the treatment done in the beauty salon . It  helps in maintaining the color  and durability of the brush. The 48h kit was specially developed to provide high conditioning power  and  capillary hydration  after  thermal processes . With this  thermoactivated line , you can keep the transform effects longer. The products in the kit  maintain thermal processes for 48 hours even in high humidity or until the next wash , thanks to the  memory effect  and the  anti-humidity effect . The  Hydration Line (water replacement)  helps with  capillary hydration  while  reducing frizz  caused by  thermal processes . With it, the hair manages to remain strong, well cared for and with the anti-humidity  effect for up to 48 hours. 

This is a  thermoactivated line  that provides everything necessary to ensure the beauty and integrity of the threads. 

Who is it for 

This kit is suitable for anyone with any type of hair, who undergo a chemical or thermal process frequently and who need protection and maintenance of the effects for a longer time. 


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