JFA 150a Storm Bivolt Power Supply For Automotive Module

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LAUNCH 2022!

Automotive Source JFA STORM 150A 2,250W Bivolt with Voltmeter + Ammeter + CCA meter (only source with this technology in Brazil)!

Storm is more than a font. She is the revolution of everything the JFA has ever produced. Equipped with the latest technology, compact and with exclusive functions, Storm is the best choice for charging, feeding and also monitoring the functioning of automotive batteries.

It brings together the main characteristics of the SCI and Redline lines and inaugurates a new concept of Intelligent Source.

Storm Differentials:

- Storm function that raises, for a short time, the output voltage to 15V, giving maximum performance to the amplifier;

- Intelligent Charging System (SCI) and Slow Charging System in three phases;

- Exclusive battery diagnostic function, in just 10 seconds, through the CCA meter and real analysis of the charge accumulation capacity;

- Intelligent ventilation system with dynamic PWM control;

- Compact design, smaller than the previous lines, and harmonic, ideal for any project.

Technical Specification:
• Consumption with Maximum Load: 2,250W
• Maintains Up to 7,500W RMS of Sound
• Automatic Bivolt: 110/220Vac
• Bivolt Mains Input: 90 to 140Vac/ 170 to 240Vac
• Selectable Output Voltage: 12.6V / 13.0V / 13.4V / 13.8V / 14.0V / 14.4V
• Intelligent Charging System: 13.8 / 14.4 cyclic
• Output Current: 150 Amps
• SCI Function: Intelligent Charging System
• Voltmeter / ammeter accuracy: 99% / 96%
• Display to monitor voltage or current
• Slow Charge System (3 phases): Elevation / Absorption / Equalization
• LEDs Indicating Battery Level and Full Charge
• Protections: Overload , Short Output and Temperature
• Smart Cooler - Intelligent Ventilation System
• Control: Dynamic by PWM
• Topology: Half Bridge
• Weight: 2,250 Kg
• Approximate Measurements (LxHxD): 28.9x17.2x9.5cm

Package Contents:
• 01 JFA 150a Storm Automotive Power Supply
• Instruction Manual
• Invoice

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