Granado Perfumery - Liquid Soap And Diffuser Kit Granado Botanical Infusion

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The Ambiance Diffuser + Liquid Soap kit also allows you to take advantage of the fragrances of Vintage Perfumes in other ways, in addition to complementing the decor. Botanical Infusion has an unusual and intriguing freshness. The spicy and aromatic notes give the creation personality and transform it into an invigorating and pleasant fragrance.

As a diffuser, it has a high concentration of fragrance, which leaves the environment fragrant for longer and with greater intensity. Unlike the home spray, the air freshener comes with vibrating rods that enhance the perfumation and spread the fragrance continuously.

The Granado liquid soap for hands and body is formulated with a vegetable base, natural glycerin and a mild formula, without dyes and parabens, which promotes softness and hydration to the skin, in addition to having a high concentration of fragrance, leaving it fragrant for longer. 

In the packaging, the rigid box that accompanies the products follows the visual identity of the Vintage line's Christmas collection and is a great idea for a creative, sophisticated and fragrant gift.  In addition, the box can still be reused as an organizer, also decorating the environment.

Vegan products. Not tested on animals.

Contents: 1 liquid soap 500ml and a 500ml room diffuser.


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