Granado Perfumery - Cologne Phebo Vetiver Water 260 Ml / 8.79 Fl Oz

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Vetiver is a plant known for its characteristic woody scent, with long leaves and expressive roots, widely used in perfumery in woody, chypre and oriental creations. Its essential oil, extracted from the root, has earthy, smoked and even humid nuances. In aromatherapy, it is indicated for a relaxing and profound action.

Águas de Vetiver Colônia values ​​and exalts the woody note of the plant that balances perfectly with the salty notes of laminaria seaweed and sage. Its floral body has green nuances, which bring freshness and envelop you like a cool breeze that comes from the sea, touching the leaves and tree trunks along the way.

Phebo's unisex and shareable fragrance presents a woody and versatile creation, with different olfactory connotations that intrigue and surprise the smell of those who try it. It is a freshness full of personality, with a woody base and a floral body, which develops and enchants for the richness of its notes and its striking perfume.

Produced with extra neutral alcohol, which is purer and does not interfere with the fragrance, cologne undergoes the perfume maceration process, which ensures greater harmonization and balance of the fragrance's olfactory notes. The visual identity follows the same colourful, modern and ideal gift-giving concept of the Águas de Phebo line. On the bottle, the vetiver leaves are represented next to small flowers that make reference to the floral body of the fragrance. 


Family and Olfactory Pyramid:

Woody Floral

Top notes: lemon*, sage* and laminaria seaweed*

Middle notes: magnolia, rose and muguet

Base notes: vetiver*, cedar and tonka bean*

*natural ingredients


Contains no ingredients of animal origin.

Content : 100ml.

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