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The Fresh Edition Perfumes Collection, from the Olfactory Library line, features the line's five main refreshing fragrances in an exclusive size. Ideal to give as a gift or to carry in your purse or toiletry bag wherever you want, the kit allows you to truly experiment with perfumes.

Get to know each one better:

• Aura: with orange blossom as the protagonist, the fragrance combines the freshness of citrus and spices with the intensity and elegance of wood.

• Breeze: the invigorating air of the beaches inspires this effervescent creation with a duality between the freshness of pomelo and bergamot and the comfort and intensity of cedar.

• Juniper: the fragrance is inspired by a refreshing and contemporary drink. As in a gin and tonic, the sharp and aromatic flavor in perfect balance with the effervescent citrus note of grapefruit.

• Lychee and Pepper: the succulent top notes of lychee, pink pepper and bergamot combined with the floral heart notes, composed of jasmine, lily and rose, result in a fragrance in which joy is the key word.

• Cashew tree: the perfume transmits the Brazilian colors, flavors and exuberance. In the starting notes, the delicacy of the cashew is combined with the freshness of the natural oil of the bergamot.

All Phebo perfumes are produced with a more neutral alcohol, which does not interfere with the result, and undergo the perfume maceration process, a practice carried out by a select group of perfumeries in the world, which guarantees greater harmonization and maturation of the fragrance's olfactory notes .

Vegan products. Not tested on animals. Content: 5 perfumes of 10ml.

Spray your Phebo perfume on areas with greater blood circulation, such as wrists and the back of the neck, to have a striking and intense perfume. Combine with colder areas of the body, such as the forearms and lap, for a longer lasting fragrance.

More information
Brand phebo
Volume 10 ml
Line Olfactory Library

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