G.Hair Moroccan Progressive Brush - 2x1000ml/33.8 fl.oz

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Ghair Moroccan Inoar Progressive Brush - 2x1000ml/33.8 fl.oz

Moroccan Progressive Brush is a cosmetic product authorized by ANVISA, developed to effectively reduce volume and soften damaged and frizzy hair. The Moroccan Progressive Brush, which provides a lasting smooth without harming the capillary structure, treating and conditioning the hair.

Moroccan Progressive Brush is a hair treatment based on keratin, white clay and cocoa oil, where its formulation rich in mineral salts repairs the most damaged strands, restoring their natural beauty. Moroccan Progressive Brush promotes deep cleaning, unclogs the pores of the scalp and replenishes the keratin of the hair, restoring strength and softness.

Moroccan  Shampoo  : Deep cleansing shampoo for normal or dry hair. It removes residues from the threads and prepares them for the Moroccan Hair Treatment.

Moroccan Treatment Active   Treatment mask for normal or dry hair, part of the Moroccan Hair Treatment. It deposits actives that recover damaged threads and reduces its volume between 60% and 90%, right in the first application.

It is a product designed to reduce capillary volume and provide perfect alignment. The original Moroccan formula treats damaged and frizzy hair in an effective and lasting way. It has active associations that smooth, intensively recovering fragile strands, providing shine, elasticity and a perfectly natural and lasting smooth effect.

How to apply
  1. Wash your hair well using the Deep Cleaning Shampoo that comes with the kit. It will remove all dust, pollution, coloring, chemical processes and other residues from your hair. In addition, your hair will be soft, clean and manageable for the treatment, as it cleans and helps to open the scales and follicular cuticles. Therefore, massage the scalp well and let the shampoo act for a few minutes so that it does the deep cleaning. Then repeat the operation.
  2. Dry the hair lightly with a towel.
  3. Run a medium comb through your hair to remove any knots.
  4. With a hairdryer, dry the hair well.
  5. Divide all hair into 4 sections.
  6.  Apply the Moroccan Formula strand by strand, starting at the nape of the neck. Do not exaggerate the amount applied and always leave a centimeter of the root.
  7.  Wrap the hair in a thermal cap and wait 20 to 30 minutes for the product to penetrate the roots and have the desired effect.
  8.  Dry your hair well.
  9.  Run the flat iron all over your hair in very thin strands.
  10.  Wait 15 minutes and rinse your hair with cold water. Remove excess water with a towel.
  11.  Apply the Inoar mask, massage and rinse again with cold water.
  12.  Dry your hair and style it however you like. He is ready! Beautiful and smooth!

Included Items

01 - Moroccan Hair Treatment Shampoo 1 Liter - Step 1

01 - Active Moroccan Hair Treatment 1 Liter - Step 2



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