Expert Eletronics DSP4 STAR X LINE Digital Audio Processor Equalizer Crossover

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The Expert Electronics DSP4 Star X Car Sound Processor is an advanced device designed to enhance sound quality in car audio systems. With a host of features and functionality, it allows for precise and personalized adjustments to create an exceptional in-vehicle sound experience.

With 4 independent outputs, the processor offers the necessary flexibility to control different audio channels separately, allowing the configuration of different sound zones in the car. In addition, it has 2 digital inputs, ensuring a high quality audio connection.

Channel routing allows you to redirect the audio to the desired outputs, adjusting the sound distribution in the vehicle according to the user's preference. This makes it possible to create a balanced and immersive soundscape.

With Bluetooth audio with wireless LINK, you can connect mobile devices and play music wirelessly, bringing convenience and freedom to the user. In addition, the processor also offers input sensitivity adjustment, allowing you to control the level of audio signal received by the inputs.

The equalizer is one of the main features of the DSP4 Star X. It has 11 bands of input equalization, which allow you to adjust the sound frequencies according to personal preferences. In addition, it has 1 band of parametric equalization per channel, which allows for even more precise and specific control over the reproduced sound.

The processor crossover features Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley and Expert filters, offering different attenuation options (6 to 48dB/8º). This enables the proper separation and direction of sound frequencies for each speaker or channel, ensuring a balanced audio response without unwanted distortion.

The independent delay per channel allows you to adjust the arrival time of the sound in each speaker, compensating for any differences in distance between the speakers and the listener's ears. This results in more accurate and coherent sound reproduction throughout the entire vehicle.

The processor also has a configurable limiter, which controls the maximum level of the audio signal, preventing distortion and damage to the speakers. With the adjustable peak limit, you can set a maximum value for the peak of the audio signal, further protecting your sound system.

Other processor features include polarity inversion, input gain, independent mute per channel, frequency and sweep generator, user password to protect settings, 3 fully configurable memories to save different settings, and a preset with all predefined settings for facilitate use.

The Bluetooth communication interface allows you to control and adjust all processor settings through a dedicated application, available for mobile devices. The application gives you full control over channel routing, overall gain, output gain, RMS limiter, peak limiter, delay, input equalizer, output equalizer, polarity inversion, configurable memories, password protection and signal generator.

The processor features an aluminum chassis, ensuring durability and efficient heat dissipation. Its dimensions are 154 x 104 x 46mm, and the weight is 0.42kg, making it compact and easy to install in the vehicle.

In short, the DSP4 Star X Car Sound Processor from Expert Electronics offers a wide range of features and advanced functionality for fine-tuning and controlling sound in car audio systems. With its build quality, EQ options, output control and app management, it is an ideal choice for audio enthusiasts looking for an exceptional sound experience in their vehicles.
  • DSP4
  • • 4 independent outputs
  • • 2 digital inputs
  • • Channel Routing
  • • Bluetooth audio with wireless LINK
  • • Input sensitivity adjustment
  • • 11 bands of input EQ
  • • 1 band of parametric equalization per channel
  • • Crossover with Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley and Expert filters with attenuations from 6 to 48dB/8º
  • • Independent delay per channel
  • • Limiter with configurable Threshold, Atack and Release
  • • Peak limit with Threshold adjustment
  • • Polarity inversion
  • • Entry gain
  • • Independent mute per channel
  • • Frequency and sweep generator
  • • User password
  • • 3 100% configurable memories
  • • Preset with all settings
  • • Independent gain per channel
  • • 300ma remote output
  • • Communication interface via Bluetooth
  • • App with control of: Channel Routing - General Gain - Output Gain - RMS Limiter - Peak Limiter - Delay - Input Equalizer - Output Equalizer - Polarity Inversion - 100% Configurable Memories - Password Protection - Signal Generator
  • • Aluminum chassis
  • • Dimensions: 154 x 104 x 46mm
  • • Weight: 0.42kg

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