Crossover Expert Eletronics PX8.2 8 Channels Equalizer Digital Audio Processor


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Crossover Expert Eletronics PX8.2
8 Channels Equalizer Digital Audio Processor
The Crossover PX.8 Table has measures that facilitate its installation in the car and allow easy access to the functions through digital display and rotary encoder. By facilitating its use, this device has remote connections and presents a wide range of performance. 
Performing fully and directly on the car's sound, Expert Crossover Mesa has 8 fully programmable output channels. Combining processor, equalizer and crossover functions, the PX.8 is ideal for making the necessary adjustments and extracting the best performance from your sound project. 
This crossover table is fully digital and has been manufactured with the latest technology to make the processing of your audio with the best in the market.
Model Available:
• Expert Eletronics PX8.2
Technical specification:
• High Quality Digital Crossover
• Excellent Functionality and Cost-Benefit
• Simplified and Accurate Commands
• Rotary Encoder
• 2 Tickets
• 8 Independent Outputs
• Channel Routing
• Input Equalizer with 15 Bands Spacers in 1/3 Octave
• Parametric Equalizer with 3 Independent Bands per Channel
• Independent Delay per Channel
• Automatic or Manual Limiter with Threshold, Attack and Decay
• Polarity Inversion
• Input Gain
• Independent Channel Mute
• Noise Generator-Pink
• User Password
• Prest with All Settings
• Independent Gain by Channel
• Remote output with 300ma
• Unbalanced Input
• RCA connection
• 8 Customizable Channels
• Input Impedance: 47 KOhms
• Output Impedance: 470 Ohms
• Resolution: 24 Bits
• Sampling Frequency: 48Khz
• Processing Latency: 1.08ms
• Frequency Response: 15Hz to 22Khz (-1db)
• THD + N Max: 0.01%
• Signal to Noise Ratio: 100dB
• Voltage: 10 to 15 Vdc
• Consumption: 300ma (5w)
• Fuse: 2A
• Approximate Dimensions: 25x12x3cm
Package content:
• 01 Crossover
• Instruction manual
1 Year Warranty.

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