Usina Spark Pro 500A 12v Full Range Active PFC Automotive Source


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You have just purchased an excellent product, the fruit of many years of development and work. The USINA power supply uses the very best in components and technology geared towards the power electronics area.
The USINA PRO font has features never before used in automotive fonts. At its input, it has an ACTIVE PFC circuit, which corrects the source's power factor, optimizing energy consumption and stabilizing the network voltage, allowing the source to always provide the same output current regardless of the input voltage. The cabinet is made of steel plate with electrostatic painting, guaranteeing the set safety, resistance and durability.
The USINA PRO power supply has several features, including one never before used in automotive power supplies, the PFC ATIVO.
This exclusive feature on USINA PRO power supplies stabilizes the DI mains voltage
and corrects the power factor of the source, this ensures that the source always supplies the rated power at its output (check the table from 70 to 260Vac
characteristics of each model).
• Input voltage stabilization: The ACTIVE PFC circuit stabilizes the input voltage, ensuring that the source works perfectly between 70 and 260Vac, this circuit rectifies and raises the voltage to 390Vdc, always maintaining this voltage to feed the primary circuit of the source.
USINA PRO sources can operate on AC networks with voltages between 70 to 260Vac, however, they have a circuit that limits the output current depending on the input voltage, this is necessary to protect the internal components of the source and also the network in the which source is connected. The source will work normally, however, with its output current reduced.
Power factor correction: the ACTIVE PFC circuit corrects the power factor of the source, taking advantage of all the energy from the network, guaranteeing energy consumption up to
50% smaller than a source without ACTIVE PFC.
• Smart Cooler: The coolers work progressively according to the temperature of the heatsinks, providing quieter operation and increasing their useful life.
• Wind Tunnel: Heat dissipation system with high-performance finned heatsinks ensuring stable operation, even under severe usage conditions.
• Power supply: The main purpose of the Usina source is to power the car's sound system without letting the batteries run down, even with the sound playing for several hours. It can also be used as a direct power supply (without the use of batteries), powering CD players, power modules, BOB boxes, etc.
• Battery charger: As it is stabilized, it can be used as a battery charger, without any problem of overcharging. The SMART CHARGER PLUS system takes care of monitoring and controlling the source so that the battery receives the ideal charge.
It can be used to charge any type of battery.
Example: Lead-acid, AGM, stationary, lithium, among others.
- The new SMART CHARGER PLUS control center has 3 operating modes that can be configured according to the source application:
AUTOMOTIVE SOURCE: indicated when using the source to power a sound system, in this mode, the source releases all its power and the voltage is adjusted to 14.4V, so the source performs the entire SMART CHARGER PLUS charge cycle, when it goes into rest, being able to be connected to the batteries, without overload problem.
CHARGER: indicated for when you recharge your batteries, it has 3 operating modes:
Automatic (slow charge): automatically, it identifies the capacity of your battery(ies) and adjusts the ideal output current for a slow charge (+ or - 10% of
capacity of the battery(ies)). Example: 100AH battery = 10A load.
Manual: You can also configure the desired output current between the minimum of 10A and the maximum capacity of the source. In CHARGER mode, the power supply performs the entire SMART CHARGER PLUS charge cycle, and can be connected to the batteries, without overcharging.
Battery recovery: Special function for battery recovery
•FIXED VOLTAGE: indicated for when using the source to power some 12V equipment, therefore, you can adjust the output voltage between 12V @ 16V, the source has the FIXED VOLTAGE selected indefinitely and provides its maximum power. In this mode, the power supply does NOT perform the SMART CHARGER PLUS charge cycle. You can adjust the tension at any time using the +/- buttons.
-Configuring your USINA PRO source is very easy and intuitive. The control center has 3 buttons to perform the desired settings:
Configuration mode: To select the source modes, just press and hold for 3 seconds, the LED of the selected mode will blink, and you can switch modes by touching the button.
Display mode: The function (AMP/TIME is activated when the button is pressed briefly, the
AMP TIME LED is lit and the AMPS display shows the accumulated charge in the battery.
• BUTTONS + and - : these buttons are used to select the desired charging current when the source is in CHARGER mode and to select the output voltage
desired in FIXED VOLTAGE mode
Whenever the source is in configuration mode, the LED of the respective selected mode will flash. When the mode is saved, the selected LED is lit.
Every configuration or selected mode is saved in the control center, even if the source is turned off, it will always turn on in the last selected mode with the previously defined voltage, time and current settings.

Load Voltage Adjustment and Load Maintenance outside conventional parameters
In this function it is possible to change the ABSORPTION, FLOAT and EQUALIZATION voltage outside the conventional parameters used for automotive lead-acid batteries.
The power supply leaves the factory set with the load and equalization voltage at 14.4V and the float voltage at 13.8V.
When the AUTOMOTIVE SOURCE OR CHARGER mode is selected and the display saves the settings, press and hold the + and - buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds, the LED (CHARGE VOLTAGE), the VOLTS display and the LED corresponding to the charge cycle will flash, every touch the MODE button the LEDS cycle through (100%), EQ and FLUT . Adjust the desired voltage of each cycle using the + and - buttons within the parameters determined below:
Charge Voltage 100% (Absorption): Adjustable from 14 to 16 Volts.
Float Voltage: Adjustable from 13 to 14 Volts.
Equalization Voltage: Adjustable from 14 to 16 Volts.
In this function, it is possible to change the ABSORPTION, FLOAT and EQUALIZATION time outside the factory preset parameters described in the SMART CHARGER PLUS chart.
When the AUTOMOTIVE SOURCE OR CHARGER mode is selected and the display saves the settings, press and hold the MODE and buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds, the LED (CHARGE TIME), the VOLTS display and the LED corresponding to the charge cycle will flash, every touch the MODE button the LEDS toggle between cycles (100%) EQ AND FLUT
Adjust the desired time of each cycle using the + E - buttons within the parameters
determined below:
Charge Voltage 100% (Absorption): Adjustable from 1 to 10 hours.
Floating Voltage: Adjustable from 0 to 24 hours.
Equalization Voltage: Adjustable from 0 to 10 hours.
(When O hours is selected the cycle is disabled)
Battery recovery (RECOVERY)
This function is intended to TRY to recover batteries that are already at the end of their useful life. When a battery is discharged for a long time, the tendency is for its voltage to be close to OV, with the RECOVERY function it is possible to recover the life of your battery, depending on its condition.
To access the RECOVERY function, select the function
CHARGER /"AUTO MODE" and hold the button for 3 seconds. The AMPS display will flash the message REC, indicating that the function has been activated. Right after the RECOVERY process is finished, the charger starts the automatic trickle charge.
The SMART CHARGER PLUS system was developed to control the battery charge connected to the source. It monitors and analyzes the ideal charge that the battery must receive in order to be fully charged and not suffer from overcharging.
SMART CHARGER PLUS consists of 2 stages and 4 cycles
T° CYCLE - Initial Charge (Lift) - When the battery is connected to the source and it is connected to the socket, the charge starts The time for the initial charge is uncertain as it depends on the capacity of the battery(ies) and how much it (s) is (are) downloaded
2nd CYCLE - Final Charge (Absorption) - The final charge occurs when the battery reaches 144V or the adjusted voltage. From that moment on, the source starts to count the 3 hours or the adjusted time that is necessary to carry out the complete charge and the charge equalization of the battery cells.
3rd CYCLE - Floating - Right after completing the battery charge, the source lowers the output voltage to 13.8V or the adjusted voltage that is ideal to maintain it, remaining in fluctuation for 23 hours or adjusted time
4th CYCLE - Equalization - After 23 hours or adjusted time in fluctuation, the source generates voltage pulses at its output, varying between 14.4V and 15.8V or adjusted voltage and remains in this state for 1 hour or adjusted time making the load equalization of the battery cells, avoiding their sulphation.
• Low Voltage on the AC Network: The source goes into protection if the voltage on the AC network reaches the minimum limit. Check the operating voltage in the characteristics table.

• Temperature: The power supply monitors the heatsink temperature all the time, if it exceeds 85°C, it doesn't stop working, it only lowers its power. When the normal temperature is reestablished, the source returns to operate at full power.
• Short circuit and/or overload: Protection against short circuit and overload on the output.

Technical specification:
- Brand: Usina Spark
- Model: 500A Active PFC
- Input Voltage: 70v to 260v
- Input current 50A
- power factor 0.95 @ 0.99
- Output Voltage: 12.00V @ 16.00Vdc (+-1%)
- Output Current: 500A @ 13Vdc (+-5%)*
- Output Power: 6500 Watts (maximum)**
- Yield: 81% to 85%
- Input Cable: 2x6.0mm² - 2P+T
- Input Protection: 25A Circuit Breaker
- Output Cable: 50mm²
- Recommended Extension: 6.0mm² (max 30 meters)
- Weight: 10.950 Kg
- Approximate Dimensions (LxWxH): 460mmX370mmX90mm***


Package content
1 Power Supply 500A Active PFC
1 Instruction Manual
1 Plant Sticker
1 Plant rubber keyring



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