Soundigital HV100K EVO 4.0 Car Audio Amplifier 100.000 Watts RMS

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Thinking about the efficiency of large automotive projects, Soundigital launches the new HV line with much more versatile and extreme quality amplifiers. Now with the new Full HV system, all amplifiers are powered by the battery bank and no longer require 12V power. This ensures greater system autonomy and makes the cost more flexible.
The big innovation was to create products that work on different impedances and variable power. In high power amplifiers, the impedance can be adjusted according to customer requirements. To complete the set, medium power amplifiers have been developed with an intelligent flexible power system. This allows to unify the two systems with any voltage without interfering with power delivery.

Product SKU Code 1348300
Availability On Order - Add 5-10 business days to delivery time
Module Application For subs and woofers
Channels 1 Mono Channel
Operation class Digital
Class D
RCA Connections 2
Maximum Music Consumption (A) 308
Max Sine Consumption (A) 616
Resting Consumption 0.2
Frequency Response (Hz) 5Hz - 10000Hz
Impedance Ω 0.5 Ohms
Bridge Impedance Ω No Bridge Support
Led clip Yes
Actual Power per Channel (Watts RMS) 100000
Real Power per Channel with Double Impedance (Watts RMS) 50000
Total Actual Power (Watts RMS) 100000
Signal to Noise Ratio (dB) 76
Protection systems High voltage
Input Voltage High voltage
THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) 2%
Approximate Product Weight (kg) 5.56
Package Contents:
• 01 Amplifier Module SOUNDIGITAL HV100K EVO 4.0
• Manual and Warranty Certificate

• 1 Year Warranty.
• Unit Value.
• All of our products are new, original and follow the invoice.
• recommends that the installation be done by a specialized professional and is not responsible for the misuse of the product.

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