K1 Cosmetics Platinum Treatment Mask 1Kg/35.27oz.

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The Platinum K1 Mask was developed with grape seed oil, açaí and vitamins B1 and B2 that intensely nourish the hair, protect the strands and restore the damage caused by discoloration, giving a platinum effect to the hair. Grape seed oil: great for hydrating dry ends, acts to prevent hair loss and prevents strands from becoming brittle, in addition to standing out for its ability to aid hair growth as vitamin E and linoleic acid present in Grapeseed oil helps strengthen hair. Açaí extract: the results of treatment using açaí are impressive, restoring shine and vitality to the hair. Vitamins B1 and B2: promote nutrition, emollience and conditioning to the hair. Action/Indication: Platinum Mask is recommended for blonde (bleached) hair that wants a platinum effect on the hair. Platinum corrects the lead effect caused by blond or violet shades, leaving bleached strands more beautiful. Package Contents 1kg/35.27oz.

Platinum K1 Mask: Unleash Your Inner Ice Queen

Yearning for that stunning platinum blonde but worried about damage? The Platinum K1 Mask is your secret weapon! ❄️ Here's why:

Intense Nourishment & Repair:

  • Grape Seed Oil: Say goodbye to dryness and breakage! This oil hydrates parched ends, fights hair loss, and even promotes growth thanks to its vitamin E and linoleic acid power.
  • Açaí Extract: Restore vibrancy and shine to your mane with the antioxidants and nutrients packed in this Amazonian superfruit.
  • Vitamins B1 & B2: These vitamins boost healthy hair from the inside out, leaving it nourished, smooth, and conditioned.

Platinum Perfection:

  • Neutralize Brassy Tones: Ditch the unwanted yellow! Platinum K1 Mask corrects brassiness caused by blond or violet dyes, revealing a cool, luminous platinum effect.
  • Enhance Blonde Beauty: Bleached strands get an extra dose of love, leaving them more vibrant and stunning than ever.

Ready to embrace your inner ice queen? This 1kg/35.27oz mask is your key to gorgeous, platinum hair that's healthy and strong. ✨


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