Inblue Professional - Total Repair Kit InBlue Shampoo Mask And Repair Fluid

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Inblue Professional - Total Repair Kit InBlue Shampoo Mask And Repair Fluid

Prime care shampoo: Balanced and balanced formula, to promote a nutritious and efficient cleaning, preserving the sensitized strands and preparing the hair for the application of the Bifunctional fluid. Enriched with Collagen, Shea Butter and Dpanthenol.

Bifunctional Fluid: Rich association of nourishing and regenerating elements, such as collagen, Keratin Complex and Dphantenol in physical, macro and nanomolecular magnitudes, to act efficiently internally and externally, repairing, regenerating and increasing the cohesion of sensitized and damaged hair.

Repairing Mask: Perfect complement for the high-performance treatment responsible for balancing the moisture of the threads, equalizing the fiber and giving shine and softness, it provides nourishing agents and reinforces the internal structure of the threads.

Present assets:

DPanthenol: repairs and strengthens the hair from the ends to the roots. It beautifies the hair, protects the hair, making it stronger, shinier and easier to comb without leaving it greasy or heavy.

Collagen: It has the function of enveloping the capillary strand, making the hair soft and shiny, recovering even the most damaged hair.

Shea: It constitutes a barrier against UVA and UVB rays, forming a natural solar filter on the hair, being a great ally both in the intense summer months and in the winter months and with dry weather.

Keratin Complex: It is a complex of hydrolyzed and quaternized keratins (The protein quaternization process intensifies the effects of these actives, as it increases the affinity of these products for the hair).

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