Cadiveu Plastica dos Fios Straightener Brazilian Keratin Wires Treatment

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Thermal sealing kit for unruly and voluminous hair in liter. Kit Cadiveu Plástica dos Fios Profissioal Reduces volume and eliminates frizz. Provides absolute smoothness and intense shine.

 Kit Cadiveu Plástica dos Fios Profissional is a thermal seal that keeps the wires under control for up to 3 months. Deeply nourishes and hydrates the wires in addition to strengthening the structure and preventing breakage.


 Cadiveu Professional Plástica dos Fios Pre-Sealing Shampoo 1000ml: Helps open the cuticle, facilitating the penetration of the treatment's active ingredients.

 Cadiveu Professional Plástica dos Fios Thermal Sealing 1000ml: With the other products, it promotes a long-lasting natural smooth effect on the strands and leaves hair shiny and frizz-free.

 Cadiveu Professional Plástica dos Fios Restorative Mask 1000ml: Promotes maximum hydration of the strands, reducing frizz and accentuating the smooth effect.


 - Acai Oil: its antioxidant action protects and regenerates the threads, in addition to ensuring efficient and lasting hydration.

 - Arginine: allows the exchange of nutrients between the root and the strands, forms a protective film that closes the scales and strengthens the hair. 

 - Shampoo with Acetic Acid: as it has an acidic pH, it can cause irritation and flaking on sensitized leather. For this reason, we recommend not applying it to pregnant women, people with sensitive skin and children up to 12 years old.


Application Advice:

  1- Wash your hair with Pre-Treatment Shampoo, massaging until foam forms. Wash twice for virgin, very resistant or very dirty hair. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Attention: do not rub the scalp.

 2- Dry the hair by 80% with the dryer and the help of your fingers.

 3- Separate the hair into 6 parts (a vertical line separating the hair into two sections - right and left - and 3 horizontal sections - nape, middle and front from the ears). Secure each session in a bun with a barrette.

 4- Pour 20 to 40ml of Thermal Sealing into a container and put on the silicone gloves.

 5- Start applying to a section of the neck using the brush. Apply two fingers from the root to the base of the lock and pull the product to the ends with the comb. Make sure the product is on all strands. 6- Repeat the procedure with the lock on the side.

 7- With the dryer on the cold jet, dry the two locks at 100%. It is important to dry two locks at a time with the cold jet. This prevents the formation of smoke and prevents the product from evaporating without having any effect.

 8- Repeat the procedure from 5 to 7 in the two central locks of the hair, one at a time.

 9- Time to plank! On blonde, damaged or chemically treated hair, the temperature of the flat iron should not exceed 200°C. In normal, virgin or resistant hair, the temperature must be at 230°C.

 10- Divide the hair again into parts using barrettes. Separate a thin, linear strand and flat iron the length (without the ends) of the strand 10 times (board at 200°C) or 7 times (board at 230°C).

 11- Flat iron the ends (without the length) of the hair up to 4 times (board at 200°C) or 2 times (board at 230°C). In this way you avoid the artificial smooth effect on the ends.

 12- Repeat this process (steps 11 and 12) for all hair strands. The straight flat iron in relation to the leather leaves the strands naturally smoother from the root.

 13- After flat ironing all the locks, rinse your hair well.

 14- Apply the Restorative Mask on the strands, gently massaging the locks. Let it act for 5 minutes and rinse again.

 15- Dry the hair with the dryer.


 - We recommend that you use this treatment with the help of a professional.

 - Never apply the treatment without first doing a strand test to identify if there are allergies and a strand test to see if the strands are healthy.

 - If there is any pre-existing injury or wound on the scalp, consult a doctor before applying the seal.

 - In case of pregnancy or breastfeeding period, consult your doctor before carrying out the procedure.

 - In the case of dyeing or toning, apply the Thread Plastic Thermal Sealing two days before or after dyeing, for better fixation of the color pigments on the threads. 


 Naturally smooth hair, without frizz, stronger, repaired and with an incredible shine for up to 3 months!

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