Cadiveu Blonde Reconstructor Kit (4 Products)

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Cadiveu Blonde Reconstructor Kit (4 Products)

Kit with shampoo, reconstruction mask, acidifying mask and leave-in for blonde hair. Cadiveu Blonde Reconstructor is the system that absolutely prevents and reconstructs the damage caused by the bleaching process.  

The Cadiveu Blonde Reconstructor Kit helps you achieve a healthy, fabulous blonde! Specially formulated to immediately combat the 5 main problems of bleached hair: porosity, breakage, frizz, yellowing and greening due to swimming pools.    


Cadiveu Blonde Keeper - Reconstruction Shampoo 250ml : Gently cleanses, without damaging blonde hair, and promotes incredible shine from the first wash. 

Cadiveu Blonde Reconstrutive - Reconstruction Mask 200ml : Recovers the structure of the hair fiber damaged by discoloration and conditions.

Cadiveu Blonde Acidic - Acidifying Mask 200ml : Helps to intensively regenerate and reduces the porosity of hair damaged by the chemical process.

Cadiveu Blonde Lock - Leave-in with Solar Filter 200ml : Detangles, protects from UV rays, conditions and prevents yellowing and greening of strands after pool and sea.

How to use 

Application Council

Step 1 - Reconstruction Shampoo: apply to damp hair and massage until foam forms. Rinse and repeat the operation, if necessary.

Step 2 - Reconstruction Mask: with the hair already clean and damp, apply to the lengths and ends. Comb for better distribution and do not rinse. Overlapping, apply Step 3 – Acidifying Mask.

Step 3 - Acidifying Mask: after Step 2, do not rinse the hair and apply the acidifying mask to the length and ends of the hair. Comb for better distribution and leave to act for 3 to 5 minutes, after the break, rinse completely.

Step 4 - Blonde Protector Leave-in: apply a small amount to the palm of your hands and distribute over damp hair. Comb your hair and finish as desired. To use as a protector, apply a generous amount to the hair and spread well for thermal protection and before sun exposure and swimming in the sea or pool.

Our Experts Teach

It is important to always follow and respect the instructions for each product and pause time to guarantee a result.

Action / Result
Protected, rebuilt and healthy blonde hair, with more manageable strands and shiny color.

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