Brscience Organic Progressive Fusion Frizz 1000ml/33.8fl.oz.

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Brscience Organic Progressive Fusion Frizz 

Fusion Frizz is a reconstructive Multi-treatment, developed with Organic Acids, Keratin and Noble Proteins, its softening and progressive treatment, provides freedom when creating and executing different services in your establishment, whether they are enhancement, adjustment or separation services.

Without Form l
Created naturally, Fusion Frizz is the first hair treatment developed with the awareness that the most important thing is the health of the hair and the hairdresser.

Multiple treatments in a single product:
- Thermal Straightening
- Progressive Brush
- Sealing
- Curl Smoothing
- Hair Cauterization

- % formaldehyde
- Compatible with any chemical (except Henne)
- Does not harm health
- No smell or smoke in the salon
- Does not change hair color 
- Enhances shine
- Hydrates hair and rebuilds the cortex
- Developed for everyone Hair Types

How to use:


  1.  With clean and dry hair, separating into parts to facilitate application;
  2.  Using a brush and comb, start applying Fusion Frizz Organicplastia to each strand (always respecting a distance of 1 centimeter from the root);
  3.  Leave to act for 10 to 50 minutes (see reference table);  * Table for guidance only, professional who must analyze the structure, porosity, resistance of the threads and determine the adaptation time.
  4.  After rinsing the hair with water removing 100% of the product, the hair is now nourished, hydrated and rebuilt;
  5.  Optional to modify the shape of the wires, you will need to use the font to finish and fix the shape to the wires.  For smooth and shiny results, brush well and straighten at a temperature of up to 215ºC (minimum 10 times the straightener on each strand).  To Soften Curls, dry by styling the strands with the help of a Diffuser and/or Curl Styler.

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