Automotive Charger Source JFA Redline F60 Sci 60A 900W 12.6V to 14.4V Bivolt with Multimeter


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The Redline Charger Source F60A is a high power power supply that makes it possible to power and charge automotive batteries.
This model has automatic bivolt input, and an exclusive multimeter, which measures the voltage (voltage) and current being used in the system.
In addition, as a main differential, it has a charge indicator, which informs how many% the battery is charged.
It has a SCI system, which automatically controls battery charging.

Additional Information
Availability Immediate dispatch
Floating Mode Yes
Total input power (Watts) 900
Output power (Watts) 900
Adjustable Output Current Yes
Input Voltage Bivolt
Output Voltage 12.5V to 14.4V
Approximate Product Weight (kg) 1,268

Technical specifications
A Source Redline charger 60A is a high power source which enables power feed and charging automobile batteries, providing a maximum current of 60A , and operating in three modes.
Slow Charge Mode: Charge the battery in 3 phases, (Elevation, absorption, equalization). Ideal for recharging batteries when they are low on charge, thus obtaining maximum charging efficiency and without generating wear and tear, which increases their useful life;.
Auto SCI mode: Mode to be used when the system is on or fast charging the battery (s), as it will maintain maximum power at the output (14.4V) and will enter the pulsed SCI system when the battery (s) ) are loaded, floating;.
Output Voltage Mode (Source): Digitally allows the choice of 8 voltage values ​​at the source output (12.6V / 12.8V / 13.0V / 13.2V / 13.8V / 14.0V / 14.2V / 14.4V).
The Redline 60A Power Supply has:
Current output 60 amps (real);
Selectable output voltage 12.6V / 12.8V / 13.0V / 13.2V / 13.8V / 14.0V / 14.2V / 14.4V;
Intelligent Charge System (SCI) 13.8 / 14.4 cyclic;
Slow Charge System 3 phases (Elevation / Absorption / Equalization);
Intelligent Ventilation System - Dynamic control by PWM
Bi-volt automatic 90 to 140Vac / 170 to 240Vac.

Included Items
01 Automotive Source

12 months

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